Workshop Reconditioning Services

Our workshops can handle all types of maintenance and repair work

The KMS workshops, based in Hull (East Yorkshire) are fully equipped with modern tools and machinery operated by skilled personnel for the reconditioning of all engine components and full engine rebuilds and repairs.

Our workshops can handle all types of maintenance and repair work as well as remanufacturing and upgrades or other modifications. We offer these services for the full range of diesel & gas engines and engine components.

Component Overhaul

During the past 25 years we have refurbished literally thousands of engine components including:

  • Cylinder Heads
  • Rocker Arms
  • Pistons
  • Connecting Rods
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Engine Mounted Pumps
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Oil Coolers/Heat Exchangers
  • Vibration Dampers
  • Fuel Gear
  • Governors
  • Turbochargers

Cylinder Heads Before and After Overhaul

Cylinder Head BeforeCylinder Head After

Our repair methods are meticulous and attention to detail is given at each stage of the process.

  • Components are dismantled ready for cleaning
On Arrival
  • Components are inspected thoroughly ensuring measurements recorded are within OEM tolerances and any cracks detected.
4. REPAIR & RENEW (where applicable)
  • Parts are renewed
  • Machining work completed
  • Pressure tested to original class standard
Renew Refit
  • Final clean & inspection prior to reassembly
  • Final work report completed
  • Hermetically sealed for shipment
  • Ready to be re-installed on the engine

Specialist Cleaning Services

Cleaning of engine components is an integral part of our day-to-day business, from cylinder heads to large charge air coolers.

Our specialist cleaning services are available to customers throughout the UK.

Air Cooler Before and After Cleaning
Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Workshop Engine Rebuild

Our workshop facilities in Hull are fully equipped to handle all major engine repairs and regular maintenance support. Major engine overhauls and repairs include complete dismantle, overhaul, repair & engine rebuild.

If replacement parts and components are required, we can source new and reconditioned spares for engine rebuilds.

Once the engine has been rebuilt and tested, a complete work report is issued.

We will organise delivery of the engine back to site and service engineers will attend to complete installation and perform final checks and testing.

Workshop Services

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