Cylinder Heads

  • Cylinder Heads Before

    Cylinder Head Before

    Cylinder Head Before

    Undergoing refurbishment

  • cylinder_heads_after

    Cylinder Head After

    Cylinder Head After

    Painted and hermetically sealed for shipment

Repair & refurbishment

During the past 12 years we have refurbished literally thousands of cylinder heads.

Our repair methods are meticulous and thorough in the following:

  1. Every cylinder head is etched with its own unique number.
  2. All components are dismantled for cleaning.
  3. All components are cleaned calibrated & recorded.
  4. Components are renewed were necessary.
  5. Cylinder Heads are pressure tested to original class standard.
  6. Valves and seats machined then checked.
  7. Final clean & inspection prior to reassembly.
  8. Painted and hermetically sealed for shipment.

Looking for Cylinder Liner repair instead?

Kingston Marine Services operate 10 individual machines for cutting cylinder head valves and seats and can accommodate valve stems from 5mm up to 50mm and valve seats from 25mm up to 200mm.

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header repair & refurbishment services?

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Cylinder Head Repair & Refurbishment Images

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Cylinder Head 2
Cylinder Head 3
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Cylinder Head 6
Cylinder Head 7
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Cylinder Head 9
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